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Tue Apr 23 06:03:24 MDT 2002

An remarkable report from the Nepalese kantipuronline.com:

American security team visits Gorkha
KOL Report

KATHMANDU, April 22 - A team consisting of US diplomats and military
planners have visited western Gorkha district to see for themselves the
security situation in the district. Gorkha is one of the several districts
where Integrated Security and Development Programme (ISDP) has been
implement and is seen as a success story.

Our correspondent in Gorkha Ishowri Neupane reports that the delegation
consisted of several high ranking US military officers among whom were the
US Defence Attaché Colonel Cheryl A Mach, Colonel James Habrison - United
States Marine Corp Logistic and Plan division, US Pacific Command and Major
Mike Wehr - Deputy Engineering Division US Pacific Command and Us diplomats
based in Kathmandu.

 Our correspondent also reports that some of the members of the delegation
were wearing army uniforms and carrying automatic weapons.

The team toured several parts of the district including the district
headquarters, Arughat, Bhachhek, Palungtar and barracks housing the Royal
Nepalese Army. During the visit, the team held meeting with local officials
and is reported to have told them that security and development must go hand
in had. They are also reported to have assured local representatives that
the American government will always fight for human rights and democracy and
is willing to help Nepal in its security and development needs.

The visit to Gorkha district Monday follows a similar visit to one of the
worst Maoist affected districts, Rolpa, a few days ago. The visit appears to
be part of US government efforts to provide assistance to Nepal as promised
by Secretary of State Colin Powel during his visit to Kathmandu in January.
However, there has been no official word on the visit from either the
Nepalese or the American governments. (rk)

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