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Tue Apr 23 07:02:58 MDT 2002

>> Hitler and the 30's fascists did everything very legally.>>

MacDonald, you need to slow down the typing and do more thinking and
reading. This statement is completely wrong. Hitler and co. rose to power
thru extensive extra-legal thuggery and mass violence in the streets. The
legal gloss came later.

 <<So are the rulers of today's group of imperialists.>>

 The legality of the Bush coup of 2000 could and has been

<<The fact the radical continues in the heartland to do very little but
talk about definitions of this or that rather than the objective results,
level of repression, etc. is a statement not of how `normal' things are
under electoral dictatorship->>

If you don't have a good grasp of the current stage of political
development, you will be doomed to irrelevance. Serious analysis is needed
always, not windy ultimatistic rhetoric.

 <<but simply our own unwillingness to really chomp on what is happening.
People are watching the whole planet get ready to burn and no one wants to
do anything other than define "fire".>>

Another gross generalization belied by last weekend's actions, if nothing

<<Small wonder there is no radical movement of the working class when those
say they would be the Vanguard do nothing but tell people to relax their
vigilance and get ready for the next election.>>

So you define the Vanguard as the Democrats? I don't know of any Daschle
supporters on this list.

 <<Who knows? Maybe Nader will get 5% after all. <<

 Simpleminded dismissal of the importance of electoral work. You can do
better than this.

Jon Flanders

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