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Wed Apr 24 06:38:12 MDT 2002

I had thought Hardt and Negri's book nice bed time reading but it
seemed to me that the best market for this book was in the thinktank
set, licking their chops  and biding their time for a respectable
interlude of mainstream rebirth of this idea(not that it makes a
brass farthing of difference, save in the minds of us all).
Sure enought, as below....
quoth Lear's Fool, "all thy titles thou hast given away....
The return of imperialism
John Lloyd
April 15 2002

Empire is no longer a dirty word: it is now a respectable debating
point among thinkers and politicians. John Lloyd on a global U-turn

The liberal democratic world is always racked by conscience.
Sometimes it has a bad conscience about intervening in other
countries' affairs; at other times, it has a bad conscience about
failing to intervene. It is the second kind of bad conscience that is
now moving into the ascendancy.

John Landon

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