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>I enclose the dissertation on Peron, I hope it will be useful. Please keep
>me up to date on your work on Argentina and I'd be particularly interested
>in finding analyses of the current situation and its immediate background.
>All the best,

Hi, George. I read your dissertation last night. It made what I think is an
essential point in highlighting the problems with dollar/sterling
convertibility during the 5-year plan. It demonstrated that Peron's goals
were much more a victim of external aggression than is ordinarily
acknowledged. Corradi argues that Peron failed because he tried to deliver
more than what was economically feasible given the mixed economy of
Argentina. As much as I respect his scholarship, he seems to have missed
the role of imperialist financial institutions. I will write my article
over the next week or so and make sure that you get cc'd.

btw, for comrade's information, George is *not* the author of the article
that appeared in Revolutionary History.

Louis Proyect
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