Regarding the American Revolution, the Articles ofConfederation, the

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Michael Perelman asked:

> weren't they mercenaries rather than allies?
> On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 03:31:25PM +0200, Johannes Schneider wrote:
> > But they primarily financed their Prussian allies to fight on the
> > Johannes

Before the French revolution all soldiers were mercenaries, but those
fighting in the Prussian army did so under Prussian command (and not under
English). So they were an instrument of Prussian policy. In the seven
years's war Prussia defended Silesia, which it had robbed from Austria a few
years before, against a coalition of Russia, Austria, France and Saxony.

Englands intention in supporting Prussia financially (and with a small
military detachment) was to keep France busy on the continent, while
attacking it in America.


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