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JD:  The following;    Preface, Phenomenology:  Hegel.  (number 11)

.dissolving bit by bit the structure of its previous world, whose
tottering state
is only hinted at by isolated symptoms.  The frivolity and boredom which
the established order, the vague foreboding of something unknown, these are
heralds of approaching change.  The gradual crumbling that left unaltered
face of the whole is cut short by a sunburst which, in one flash,
the features of the new world.’

Subject: AOL bombshell

>(Reading this on top of the Enron fiasco, one has to begin to seriously
>wonder whether the 1990s economic expansion was just a mirage.)
>LA Times, April 24, 2002
>AOL's $50-Billion Loss Is One From the Books

JD:  My own wishes for the bastard parasites...

'a need'      (privation)

Hurry hurry
Wipe their smiles
Spread their carcass over miles
Let us see them bleed and die
Hurry! is the people’s cry.
Turn them out into the streets
Break their arms mangle feet
Walk on them break their backs
Stake them out on wooden racks
Spectator sport Oh! hear us cheer
To have them lowly faces fear
Stripped of pounds their future bleak
Oh!  hurry hurry cry the meek.
Our’s a thirst that must be slaked,
Their’s a flesh that must be raked,
Carve them pits cast them down
Build a tombstone wear a frown
Hurry Hurry we can’t wait
Our future is the only date
Fool them with a lover’s kiss
Then splatter them.
Oh take the piss
Oh bliss! Oh bliss!
Hurry This!



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