Alliance meltdown in NZ

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Apr 24 15:42:01 MDT 2002

At 09:57  24/04/02 -0400, Phil wrote:

>It's quite interesting times in NZ, because we have a substantial
>disenchantment with bourgeois politics, but an incredibly weak left.
>Not just weak, but minuscule.

Tell me about it Phil.  "This is quite an interesting time in Australia,
because we have a substantial ..."

Actually events in Victoria where key unions are disaffiliating from the
Labor Party are very interesting as well. On the refugee question and
racism in general Labor are trailing behind the bourgeoisie.  The latter
have pushed fro increased immigration and are about to get a modest
increase.  Labor however seems terrified of criticising the Conservative
government over anything to do with migrants.

The Labor Leader though did make a squeak of some kind about the coming
attack on Iraq.  He wants to be consulted and to see the "proof" of the
Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction".

My impression is that such squeaks, contemptible though they are, will be
enough to perpetuate illusions in Labor among the liberal middle
class.  The disaffection among the workers though is something else and is
potentially much more encouraging.



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