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A couple of quick points on the American Revolution etc.


I should have said that the British had the most powerful military
force in the world in 1776, rather than army. This included not
merely their navy, and not merely their own soldieres, and not just
these plus their foreign mercenaries - but also their ability to pay
for a long war. The French army had shallow pockets. The King simply
could not finance another big war after the seven years war (which
Fance had lost). Financing the American revolution was the immediate
cause of the financial crisis of the French monarchy, which led to
the calling of the Estates General, which led to the French
Revolution. A big, well armed, well trained army is nothing if you
can't afford to use it.  And, in 1776, France couldn't while Engliand
could afford to use its own, and hire others if need be.


The Brits used a lot of German mercenaries in the War of
Independence, that's why "Hessian' was a deep insult  in the early
years of the USA.


During the War of 1812 the British burned Washington D.C. to the
ground. The new centralized army and navy were really no match for
the Brits, only the fact that the British were trying to fight a war
in Europe at the same time - coupled with the long supply lines of
the British, saved the new born US empire's ass that time.


The United States sent its frigates against the 'pirates of Tripoli'
a couple of times in between the American Revolution and the War of
independence. I think the first time the whole crew was captured and
sold into slavery, and the second time the US Marines had their first
big win. That's why the US Marine hymn goes like this, "From the
halls of Monteczuma, to the shores of Tripoli". I guess this explains
the raison d'etre of George W's foreign policy.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 04/24/2002

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