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A question and a comment about France.

1. Who is Chevènement? and what does this person represent in French 

2. Although the French elections are being talked about as an 
earthquake - and they may have been - the big change (other than the 
large increase in abstentionism)  seems to have been a shift within 
the left, rather than a big shift to the right.

Looking at the figures in the CWI article posted by Xxxx Xxxxxx, I 
come up with the following shifts

In 1997 the combined vote of the CP, SP, and Trotskyists was about 
11,500,000, roughly 37% of the vote.

In 2002 the combined vote of the CP,SP, Trotksyists and Greens was 
about 10,000,000 - roughly 38% of thetotal vote.

In other words there was a big shift from the SP and CP to the 
Trotskyists and Greens, while the 'left' (very broadly defined), 
actually increased its percentage vote slightly.

The shift within the right was actually much smaller than the shift 
within the left. Le Pen increased his percentage vote by less than 
2%, while chirac lost only 1% of his percentage total.

2002               1997

Turnout         29,498,009    71.60%      31,369,029   78.37%
Chirac           5,666,440    19.88%       6,351,672  20.84%
Le Pen           4,805,307    16.86%       4,573,202 15.00%
Jospin           4,610,749    16.18%       7,101,992  23.30%
'Trotskyists'    2,973,640    10.44%       1,616,546 5.30%
Chevènement      1,518,901    5.33%                -  -
Greens           1,495,901    5.25%        1,011,373  3.32%
Hue (PCF)          960,757    3.37%        2,634,187 8.64%
Blank/Spoilt       995,554                   888,818

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 04/24/2002

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