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URIBE (Most likely the next President of Colombia)

Uribe was an ally of Pablo Escobar when he was elected Mayor and
parallel to Escobar being elected to Congress. Escobar was attacked by
Galan as an "entryist" in the Liberal Party and that cost him his like
when he was about to win the election (there is an interesting article
by Garcia Marquez on the issue).  Escobar paid for most of the projects
Uribe developed as Mayor - as the famous housing and trees projects.
Uribe's father was himself linked to the drug trafficking and was killed
because of a drug war. The President of Colombia attended his funeral.
As a responsible for granting pilot licenses, Uribe gave most of the
licenses to the pilots who fly for the cartels.  Uribe was also
involved, through his right hand and chief of staff (during the time he
was Mayor and governor) in the importation of chemicals that are used
for the final elaboration of coke.  The DEA has an extensive file on
some of the closest associates of Uribe.  Uribe and Escobar were
involved in the formation of the first paramilitary unites that gave
origin to the UACs when he was governor, I believe. Uribe, when he was a
senator (I believe) voted along the lines of the drug cartel's
recommendations such as his votes against the law allowing deportation
to the US of drug traffickers. When the confrontation between Escobar
and other cartels coincided with the clean up operation after the
contra-gate scandal, Escobar was eliminated by the US in an operation
that included the utilization of airplanes with sophisticated eardrop
equipment and the training by the DEA of special, secret units of the
Colombian police (or army, I'm not sure).  Of the latter is an
interesting documentary that was shown a year or so ago in the US.
Uribe managed to survive the imperialist purge and here he is the "you
just say no" candidate. He is now the Washington's favorite.


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