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Republican (not US style, of course), founder of the Citizens Movement.
He is former Interior Minister of the Socialists and the "Souvarinistes"
and joined the SFIO (the name of one of the parts that joined together
to form the Socialist Party) in 1964 and was a leader of the left wing
of the SP.  He organized a faction against Mitterand, I believe in 1971
or 72, and left the party in 1993 or 19o4 and founded his own party, the
MDC.  He served as Minister in various governments since and quit his
Defense Minister position of Jospin a year ago over the Corsican papers.
His nickname is "Che" and his politics are more or less similar to those
of Mitterand before he joined to form the Socialist Party (a petite
bourgeois, soft radical kind of guy).  He appeals mostly to young
socialist voters and middle class professionals.


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