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Thu Apr 25 00:14:36 MDT 2002

The problem with the figures used is that they are not comparable. In
order to compare Presidential elections with Presidential elections.
The previous Presidential elections were NOT in 1997, but in 1995.  Here
are the 1995 results:

Resultats 95

2e tour

Chirac 		52,64
Jospin  		47,36

1er tour

Jospin    23,30 		Laguiller    5,30
Chirac    20,84 		de Villiers  4,74
Balladur  18,58 		Voynet       3,32
Le Pen    15,00 		Cheminade    0,28
Hue        8,64

The whole idea of comparing the 2001 Presidential elections with the
1997 LOCAL elections does not work.  Turnout, parties, candidates and
issues were completely different. So are the psychology of the voters
and the pressure for party or candidate loyalty, as we all know.

If needed, I can dig oout the more complete data, but I think I saw an
analysis already posted in this list by somebody else using the
appropriate years.  But I only skipped on it, so I'm not sure.

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