Anthony's Colombia Report of 24 Apr 2002

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Apr 24 16:34:34 MDT 2002

Sorry, Anthony, I am not at sure who you mean is the “reasonable guy”
below, Garzon or Sanin:

“And, one more point on the elections. Lucho Garzon, the left candidate,

supported by most unions and by the CP, is gaining in popularity. He may

come in third in the elections behind Uribe Velez and Serpa, thus
displacing Noemi Sanin. He is an eminently reasonable guy - thinks
private property is sacred, and has invited a couple of major
industrialists to share the ticket with him (they declined). El Tiempo
other bourgeois media are promoting him. The FARC is calling for a vote
against Uribe-Velez, Serpa and Sanin, although they do not say who they
think people should vote for.”

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