Zionist Plan Proceeds Apace

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Thu Apr 25 01:23:50 MDT 2002

[Some might think this is audacious but, really, what's new? --c.]

Israel Begins West Bank Construction

Las Vegas Sun, April 24, 2002

 JERUSALEM- The first stages of construction work are under way to
connect two West Bank settlements by building housing for 480 Jewish
families, an Israeli official said Wednesday.

 The settlement linking the Elkana and Shaarei Tikva settlements near
Tel Aviv will cover about 90 acres, making it among the largest in the
northern West Bank region, said Marcel Ganz, mayor of the Elkana
Council, which is responsible for the development.

 Ganz said the construction was approved by the Israeli government more
than two years ago and ground preparations are well under way. Building
is to start in a few months and families could begin moving in within a
year, he said.

 About 700 Jewish families now live in Elkana and Shaarei Tikva
settlements. Throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, about 200,000 Jews
live in 150 settlements among 3 million Palestinians.

 The settlement issue is one of the main stumbling blocks in the search
for a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace. The Palestinians demand removal
of settlements from West Bank land they consider part of any future

 The guidelines of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's broad-based
center-right coalition government stipulates Israel will not build new
settlements, but that it can expand existing ones to accommodate what it
defines as natural population growth.

 Sharon said this week he will not discuss dismantling settlements
before October 2003 elections, and his ministers indicated that even if
re-elected, Sharon wasn't expected to deal with the issue right away.

 Many settlements and settlers driving along West Bank roads have come
under attack from Palestinian militants, but Ganz says building during
the worst of times "is the best answer that shows we haven't given in to
the terrorists."

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