Castro criticizes Fox, Castaneda

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Apr 25 02:26:52 MDT 2002

Well, Fox seems to be in a pickle.  So he seeks now a
raprochement with Havana.  Was there some domestic
politics that led him away from ratcheting up the
confrontation with Castro?  The fact remains: Fox
lied to his people AND he lied about his servile
submission to the gabacho in the White House.
This will not improve his reputation at home...
See below and ask yerself,
"Do you hear a sideshow barker beckon?" --
(A W.C.Fields intonation would add that
proper touch.) --
"See Castaneda squirm!  Listen as he equivocates
himself and his Foxy boss into a corner of indisputable
fabrication and prevarication!"

Breach Between Mexican President and Congress Widens

Wednesday, 24 April 2002
MEXICO CITY (AP) --  Mexico’s latest embarrassing row with Cuba has
deepened divisions between President Vicente Fox and a defiantly
independent Congress.

Leftist lawmakers on Tuesday accused the Mexican leader of pressuring
Cuban President Fidel Castro to leave a U.N. development summit last
month and then lying about it.

On Monday, Castro released a tape of a private conversation confirming
Fox had asked him to leave before President Bush arrived in the northern
Mexican city of Monterrey for the summit.  Mexican officials had
vigorously denied they orchestrated Castro’s early departure.

“This is the biggest disgrace Mexican foreign policy has suffered; the
President’s conduct is shameful,” said Marti Batres, a leader of  the
leftist Democratic Revolution Party [PRD].

Fox has not addressed the matter publicly, but Foreign Secretary Jorge
Castaneda said Tuesday that the Mexican government had “absolutely
nothing” to apologize for—and that Fox never asked Castro to stay away
from the summit.

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