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Thu Apr 25 06:38:19 MDT 2002

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IMO, LO and LCR should call all supporters of the SP
and the CP in the working class and among youth to go
out in force and vote .... blank in the second round.
Does anyone knows what exactly they are proposing to

Simultaneously, they should call for the CGT and other
federations to strike to dennounce the right and the
extreme right.
Maybe propagandistic at this point, but I'm pretty
sure they will have the ear of many workers and youth.
Of course, a big May Day directed towards disrupting
the planned demo of the proto-fascist of the FN will
be nice as well (I think they are planning that

Chirac does not need help to defeat Le Pen in the
second round. Any
support for him from the SP or the CP will be class
treason and one
more notch in their rightward move. Chirac may even
try to form a government of national unity, would be a
nice plot, isnt?, inviting a couple Socialists to join
his government.

A vote from the "left" for Chirac to defeat Le Pen
will further strenghten the Gaullists in the

On the other hand, if the blank vote comes second and
Le Pen third,
the embarrasament will be tres jollie.

Just a thought,


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