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Armand Diego causebellum at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 25 06:38:55 MDT 2002

LO and the LCR should, IMO, call all supporters of the
SP and the CP in the working class and among youth to
go out in force and vote .... blank, in the second

Simultaneously, they should call for the CGT and other
tradeunion federations to strike to dennounce the
right and the extreme right. With 19% and 17% the two
candidates on the second round could be easily be
presented as lacking credibility.

Maybe propagandistic at this point, but I'm pretty
sure they will have the ear of many workers and youth.
Meanwhile it would be nice if they organize a big
march to go and stop Le Pen from oreganizing his own
rally on May Day. Forcefully, the only way these
proto-fascist would understand.

Chirac does not need help to defeat Le Pen in the
second round. Any support for him from the SP or the
CP will be class treason (well, they are used to that,
I guess) and one more notch in their rightward move.

Chirac may even try to form a government of national
unity, inviting a couple Socialists to join his
government (wouldn't be this a nice plot for a

A vote from the "left" for Chirac to defeat Le Pen
will further strenghten the Gaullist in the

On the other hand, if the blank vote comes second and
Le Pen third, the embarrasament will be tres jolie.

Who knows, maybe the blank vote could get first place.

While Le Pen represents no clear and present danger
since his storm troops and his structures were
defeated in 1995, this lucky hit could serve the
purpose of revitalizing and re-building its strenght.

While people should not over-estimate the power of the
FN, will be wrong to under-estimate it as well.

I think is wrong for people to look for a carbon copy
of past fascists to label the FN or Le Pen.
Neo-fascism in the 21th Century will not have
brown-shirts and probably would not even be
anti-semite and certainly will not use the svastika.

It will take new forms, look for new scapegoats and
will be more subtle until enough forces are gathered
and enough support from the bourgeoisie is behind it.

Ultra-catholicism, anti-immigrant racism, the usage of
the symbol of Joan D'Arc, ultra-nationalism, right
wing anti-globalism, the organization of the embryo of
its militias of the future, its wild anti-communism
and its corproative ideas in regards social, and
particularly working class organization ... and the
support of very small but important sectors of the
French, but also European and US bourgeosies and the
middle class, do qualify Le Pen and the FN if not as a
full fledged fascist party, at least as a
proto-fascist organization.

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