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Thu Apr 25 06:42:29 MDT 2002

Regarding Two points: Mac's view of fascism and elections; and Carlos on
Uribe Velez.

1. Lou's reply to Mac was right on the money.

2. Carlos's post on Uribe Velez says what everyone knows, but no one can
pin down through documented evidence. If Carlos can, I would appreciate it
if he would post the sources.

Last Sunday's El Tiempo went through the same material, and listed the
sources they have, and what they cannot prove. Of course, El Tiempo does
not want to prove these allegations, since the Santos family's number 2 son
is Uribe-Velez's VP candidate. A lot of the evidence has apparently been
destroyed, to the point that former associates of uribe Velez have been
killed in recent weeks (his right hand man at Aeronatuica Civil for example.)

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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