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NY Times, April 25, 2002

Saudi to Warn Bush of Rupture Over Israel Policy

HOUSTON, April 24 — Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is expected to
tell President Bush in stark terms at their meeting on Thursday that the
strategic relationship between their two countries will be threatened if
Mr. Bush does not moderate his support for Israel's military policies, a
person familiar with the Saudi's thinking said today. 

In a bleak assessment, he said there was talk within the Saudi royal family
and in Arab capitals of using the "oil weapon" against the United States,
and demanding that the United States leave strategic military bases in the

Such measures, he said, would be a "strategic debacle for the United States." 

He also warned of a general drift by Arab leaders toward the radical
politics that have been building in the Arab street.

The Saudi message contained undeniable brinkmanship intended to put
pressure on Mr. Bush to take a much larger political gamble by imposing a
peace settlement on Israelis and Palestinians. 

But the Saudi delegation also brought a strong sense of the alarm and
crisis that have been heard in Arab capitals.

"It is a mistake to think that our people will not do what is necessary to
survive," the person close to the crown prince said, "and if that means we
move to the right of bin Laden, so be it; to the left of Qaddafi, so be it;
or fly to Baghdad and embrace Saddam like a brother, so be it. It's damned
lonely in our part of the world, and we can no longer defend our
relationship to our people."


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