Castro criticizes Fox, Castaneda

mmw kaliyuga at
Thu Apr 25 08:10:34 MDT 2002

> Well, Fox seems to be in a pickle.  So he seeks now a
> raprochement with Havana.  Was there some domestic
> politics that led him away from ratcheting up the
> confrontation with Castro?  The fact remains: Fox
> lied to his people AND he lied about his servile
> submission to the gabacho in the White House.
> This will not improve his reputation at home...
> See below and ask yerself,
> "Do you hear a sideshow barker beckon?" --
> (A W.C.Fields intonation would add that
> proper touch.) --
> "See Castaneda squirm!  Listen as he equivocates
> himself and his Foxy boss into a corner of indisputable
> fabrication and prevarication!"
I would not discount the possibility that Fidel set a trap for Mr. Fox early
on, in anticipation of just such a NON-invitation, by creating evidence that
he might or might not have used, depending on how matters developed.
However, I don't believe Fidel would have released the tapes and risked a
severed relationship with Mexico, had he not believed that he (and Cuba) had
a chance of *gaining* politically from the revelation.

With the victory of the people and Chavez' return to power, it may be that
Fidel sees an opportunity to drive a wedge in the crack of support for the
U.S. government and their proxy supporters in Latin America, by appealing
directly to the people.


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