Alliance meltdown

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Apr 25 08:53:03 MDT 2002

Gary writes re Australia:

>My impression is that such squeaks, contemptible though they are, will be
>enough to perpetuate illusions in Labor among the liberal middle
>class.  The disaffection among the workers though is something else and is
>potentially much more encouraging.

One of the itneresting things about the demise of social democracy, and the
whole politics of both eno-liberalism and the Third Way is how the working
class and middle class are dividing.  A lot of the left in NZ, and probably
Australia, never really differentiated itself from the middle class.  Most
of the political campaigns of the 60s, 70s and even into the 80s were
coalitions with middle class liberals.

But the liberal middle class now has control of the LPs and basically runs
much of the state apparatus, certainly in NZ.  They have few qualms about
going along with Western internvention in the Third Woorld - one wing of
them is gung ho for it even under Bush's ;eadership, while the rest just
want it to be run by the UN.  (In the US, things may be different, but
that's certainly how it is in NZ.)

So the need for an orientation to the working class is greater than ever,
and the possibilities of making inroads among workers are, I think,

Quite exciting times.  I'll keep people informed of what kind of responses
our election campaign gets over here.  Our Workers Party allies in Auckland
seem to be getting a lot of people signed up to the Anti-Capitalist
Alliance already, and our 'Mideast Solidarity' bulletin seems to be selling
like hot cakes.  But undermining Labour will be a long, hard struggle.


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