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>Begging your pardon, but it's a tragedy playing out in your imagination.  I
reiterate that Louis Proyect has written insightfuly about Black
http://www.columbia.edu/~lnp3/mydocs/race/black_nationalism.htm, and here in
North Carolina the most active and effective African-American marxist
formation is Black Workers for Justice,
http://www.arc.org/C_Lines/CLArchive/story3_4_03.html.  They are VERY clear
on the national-colonial nature of the struggle for Black liberation, as is
Freedom Road Socialist Organization, http://www.freedomroad.org  Neither has
ever been, to my knowledge, labeled racist, insensitive, or ignorant.  This
is also a very hot topic among participants in the Black Radical Congress.
www.blackradicalcongress.org .  Workers World frequently refers to
African-Americans as an oppressed nationality,
http://www.workers.org/ww/2002/health0207.php.  The objection to your schema
is not the characterization of Black liberation in the US as a national
liberation struggle, but your insistence that this interpretation somehow
proves that racism as a phenomenon doesn't exist, and your conclusion based
on the foregoing premise that class struggle "trumps", that is, can be
>extricated from, the struggle against racism.

We simply have an honest difference of opinion concerning the evolution of
the conception of the African American question as a national-colonial
question within the Marxist movement, specifically since the publication of
the 1928 and 1930 Comitern documents. In history this struggle erupted into
distinct branches of political thought on the basis of the historic split
characterized in the personality of Booker T. Washington and Dr. Dubois and
Mr. Trotter.

As a black man I perhaps more aware than others that the 300 year battle
against what became white supremacy and then white chauvinism is alive and
well. I simply put forth a branch of opinion from the historic Marxist
movement. Nothing more or less. My history is with the black proletariat
perse. And I have studied a little bit history about my parents and their
parents parents, etc.

We can have different opinions about the shape of the class struggle in the
North, former slave holding areas of the South and the border regions. Right
on to the Black workers and other workers also.


Melvin P.

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