Re.: Castro criticizes Fox, Castaneda

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Apr 25 11:08:55 MDT 2002

It is unlikely that Fidel Castro unthinkingly reacted.
And over the past month the well-earned reputation of the US
imperialists for being bullies, parasites, liars and hypocrites (etc.)
has only been enhanced.  We can thank the Israeli Zionists and los
golpistas manqués de Venezuela for their help, as well as Enron, big
oil, etc.  Those like Fox who aid and abet capitalists, and do so in 
the same malignant manner of that ruling class, are as guilty—and it
should be known.

(I must only note in passing the President of El Salvador's complaint
about Castro's uncouth betrayal of a confidence in his publicizing the
tapes of his Fox exchange.  Proper protocol takes precidence only in
societies where the forms of the status quo are to take precidence
over the needs of the people.  And the Salvadoran ruling class has
such an honorable reputation!)

Tangentially, the opening of the archives regarding the massacre at
Tlatelolco in 1968, the anti-insurgency operations in Guerrero, the
assassinations of journalists, etc., should reveal an ongoing process
of ruthless repression in Mexico that would make any charges of human
rights abuses in Cuba pale to insignificance by comparison—and for
what?  Who is better off for it?  Even the CIA World Factbook provides
figures on the real and relative material wellbeing of the peoples of
the region, albeit without making the comparisons explicitely.
Cuba provides for the people best.  And while the Mexican masses
were immiserated, and the opposition brutalized, the rich got richer
—because of it.

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