Question on US presidents

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Thu Apr 25 13:15:00 MDT 2002

Question on US presidents
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does anybody have a chronology of US Presidents at the moment? who occupied
the presidency in 1974? nixon or ford? and in 1966?

73 should be nixon, but before or after that it gets confusing since nixon
must have been reelected at some point.


Hello Xxxx,

Kennedy won in 1960, was assasinated in '63, and Johnson became pres.

Johnson won  in 1964 ( so he was pres in '66)

Nixon won in 1968  (Johnson didn't run; his vp Humphrey lost to Nixon)Nixon won reelection in 1972

Nixon resigned in 1973 because of Watergate and Ford the Vice President became President ( Agnew had quit as VP before Nixon left because of a different scandal)

Carter won in 1976, beating Ford


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