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2. Carlos's post on Uribe Velez says what everyone
knows, but no one can pin down through documented
evidence. If Carlos can, I would appreciate it if he
would post the sources.


Three weeks ago we published an article: "Report from
Colombia: The War on Terror meets the war on Drugs"
which deals with Uribe, along the lines of what we
discussed here.  These are some of the sources used
for the article:

1. Dark Alliance, Gary Webb
2. The Demise of M-19, Manuel Gallegos
3. Various documents, press releases, court papers
written by Donnie Marshall, former DEA chief.  This
related to Moreno's (Chief of Staff of Uribe) troubles
with the export-import business of potassium
permanganato.  The same material was partially used by
Narco-news, but the complete texts of these papers
contains much more info linking the whole thing to
4. Texts of Press Conferences of Colombian National
Police (1991-94)
5. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, various articles
6. Court Records and investigation about the murder of
Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, Minister of Justice
7. On the question of the paramilitaries and Uribe's
part on it is easy to find, it is in his records as
Governor of Antioquia and his public advocacy and
funding of the Government's programs widely known as
the first battallions of the UAC with different names
(the most famous one the CONVIVIR project).
8. Business Week, February 12, 2001
9. Comparative records of Colombia's Civil Aeronautics
agency (1980-82) and the PNC and DEA list of arrested
pilots (1980-98).
10. New Colombia News Agency in regards to the voting
record of Uribe during his tenure as Senator
(1986-94)doing the bid for the drug trafficking.
11. Couple books writen by Nicaraguan Contras in the
mid and late 90s.
There are a number of other sources, but I do not have
them at hand, I will ask the author to send them to

In addition, while Narco-news has some biased
reporting, all the sources they use are pretty
legitimate and ussually contain much more info than
the quotes used by Narco-news which has a more narrow
interest, and thus leaves much untouched.


Last Sunday's El Tiempo went through the same
material, and listed the sources they have, and what
they cannot prove. Of course, El Tiempo does
not want to prove these allegations, since the Santos
family's number 2 son is Uribe-Velez's VP candidate. A
lot of the evidence has apparently been destroyed, to
the point that former associates of uribe Velez have
been killed in recent weeks (his right hand man at
Aeronatuica Civil for example.)


Yes, this seems to be anm ongoing problem in Colombia.
 Every time that somebody pulls some interesting info
on some powerful politician, people start dying.

In addition, a good deal of information could be
gathered just looking at public statements of Uribe
himself.  For example, he presided over the opening of
some of the projects paid by Escobar as Mayor of the
City.  And in Escobar's political campaign's brochures
he takes credit for those projects as well, etcetera.

got to go.


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