Re.: (fwd from John Enyang) Venezuela: Support for Rightist

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Apr 26 00:59:20 MDT 2002

This should indeed be of particular concern:

"Of particular concern is $US154,377 given by the endowment to the
American Centre for International Labour Solidarity, the international
arm of the AFL-CIO, the US union umbrella body, to help the main
Venezuelan trade union advance labour rights.

"The Venezuelan union, the Confederation of Venezuelan Workers, led the
work stoppages that galvanised the opposition to Mr Chavez. The union's
leader, Carlos Ortega, worked closely with Pedro Carmona Estanga, the
businessman who briefly took over from Mr Chavez, in challenging the

The American Centre for International Labour Solidarity sounds like a
renamed AIFLD through which the CIA operated in Latin America to
cauterize incipient militant labor organizations.  The NED must surely
have vetted the ACILS, as well as Carlos Ortega and his Confederation of
Venezuelan Workers.  It sure gives a deeper meaning to the notion of
"business unionism."

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