The first time I met Tony Blair

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Fri Apr 26 16:10:49 MDT 2002

Since it is five years since the election of the first Blair government,
the Guardian (London) is doing a bit of a splash on the man. This is
from a section 'The first time I met Tony Blair.' These are the funniest
(the second especially so). Don't follow the link, because the rest are


I met Blair several years ago when he was leader of the opposition,
outside Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground. At the time, Chelsea were
sitting a little above mid-table. Manchester United, whom they were
about to play, were running away with the title. I remember someone
asked him, "Who do you think will win today?" to which he replied, "Oh,
I rather fancy it's going to be Chelsea's day". Man Utd routed Chelsea,
as anyone not courting favour would have predicted. That was when I
began to have my doubts.

David Niblock, London

Many moons ago I met Tony in a Labour constituency club. After some
drinks, my brother and I went off to a side room to play pool. After a
while, Tony also decided he'd had enough of drinking and wanted a shot
of himself playing pool to go on television. Cameras rushed in and Tony
asked if he could take a shot. Obviously, being proud upholders of the
rule of pool, we told him we had money on the table and he could wait
his turn. And so we carried on playing away at our little game until the
level of frustration in the room was so tangible that we decided he
could take a shot - but only one - and he had to promise not to cock it
up. (Which he did - he's crap at pool.) The cameras later did shots of
my brother's hands playing because Tony's shot was so laughable he would
never have won the election.

Simon Briton,11899,690883,00.html

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