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Nstor M. Gorojovsky nestorgoro at
Fri Apr 26 16:33:25 MDT 2002

Hello, my friends. Been sending mail to the list by way of other
cdes., but due to some mysterious reason, these cdes. have not got
those msgs yet.

I guess they'll get them sometime. If the postings haven't lost
interest, then they can resend them.

Today I just want to know whether there is some softcover version of
the book on "economics as religion"  that has been commented on the
list. U$S 36 for a hardcover is simply prohibitive for me down here,
with an exchange rate of about 3,50 dollars per peso and frozen wages
(in fact, dwindling wages) since months ago.

Who knows, a paperback may be affordable...
Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at


Compañeros del exercito de los Andes.

...La guerra se la tenemos de hacer del modo que podamos:
sino tenemos dinero, carne y un pedazo de tabaco no nos
tiene de faltar: cuando se acaben los vestuarios, nos
vestiremos con la bayetilla que nos trabajen nuestras mugeres,
y sino andaremos en pelota como nuestros paisanos los indios:
seamos libres, y lo demás no importa nada...

Jose de San Martín, 27 de julio de 1819.


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