Request for Marxist definitions of race starting to sound like a joke

Fri Apr 26 20:43:09 MDT 2002

>Great. What is the Marxist definition of race? And is this a national
>colonial question?

>You pretend. Answer the question: what is race?


>Melvin P.


<CB: Hello. Anybody home ?

<Your response doesn't seem serious, comrade. If you want to do comedy, I can
be really funny.

<Here's one for you. You know why Halle Berry won the Oscar ? She has the
same name as Hallewood.

I am truly sorry that you refuse to answer the question that you raised. You
raised the question of race not I. You state there is a Marxist conception of
race. I ask that you state what it is and you say this is a joke. Fine. I am
cracking my side. We can discontinue this part of the dialogue without being

I must note that in Detroit in the last period of our history some of us
Marxist delivered the most catastrophe defeat to the black petty bourgeois
intellectual in American history and created the condition for the
destruction of the concept of the "Talented Tenth."  This concept grew out of
the historic split in the African American Freedom Movement and was
personified in Washington and Dubois and goes back to 1895.

You of course know there is no possibility of the black petty bourgeois
intellectual dominating any aspect of the social movement of the workers in
our city. This has nothing to do with color but rather class. The proletariat
is not going to play any color and race games. The white chauvinist will
continue to be crushed and fought to the death.

Some of us are not afraid to call a spade a spade. Now that's a joke comrade.

Melvin P.

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