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Sat Apr 27 08:53:44 MDT 2002

--- Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote:
> I strongly believe that something like the Guardian must eventually
> come into existence again in order for the radical movement to
> realize its full potential. We need a newspaper that can be trusted
> as free from a "party line" and all that entails. That newspaper must
> also be a forum for Marxist debate. In other words, this newspaper
> must play the role that Iskra played in Czarist Russia. It was also
> the goal I had in mind when I launched Marxmail.


I tend to agree with your idea, and it's my understanding that this is
the goal of a number of contributors to this list, including Hunter

Given that the web has made publishing fairly easy, why not at least
get a web-based version going now? A number of us, including yourself,
have web development skills and can act as editors. It wouldn't take
much expense, and a fairly minimal amount of effort (especially with a
number of people helping) to get a weekly publication up and running
online, and we can even solicit contributions through PayPal to help
with the cost and to go towards printing a paper-based version.

Just a thought.


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