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Sat Apr 27 09:40:00 MDT 2002

> I strongly believe that something like the Guardian must eventually
> come into existence again in order for the radical movement to
> realize its full potential. We need a newspaper that can be trusted
> as free from a "party line" and all that entails. That newspaper must
> also be a forum for Marxist debate. In other words, this newspaper
> must play the role that Iskra played in Czarist Russia. It was also
> the goal I had in mind when I launched Marxmail.

I publish an alternative bimonthly paper here on behalf of the North
Carolina Network for Popular Democracy.  A run of 3,000 copies, with 16
tabloid sized pages, single ink, costs around $500, around 17 cents a copy,
and at 5,000 the cost drops to around 10 cents.  Prompt Printing Press in NJ
does it with soy ink, recycled paper, and a union bug.  Mailing in bundles
of 50, wrapped and at book rate, is around $3 a pop, and individual copies
is less than 50 cents first class.  Layout, if people send in their copy on
time, as text documents by email or Word attachment, with photos, averages
around 2 hours a page once everything is assembled, using one person.  Quark
and Photoshop are good programs, but I've been fudging (since I lack the
software) by using MS Publisher, cheating the print dimensions, saving on a
zip disc, pasting in images from TIF files, and printing camera ready copy
at Kinko's where they have an adequate printer ($16 more there), on the
highest possible resolution.  We use accessible language, 12-point fonts so
people can read without a magnifying glass, lots of photos and images, and a
big, bold two-column format with plenty of breathing space.

If this is what you launched marxmail for, can we have a conversation about
how to launch the newspaper you just described?  I know there are better
desktop publishers than me out there, and there is no shortage of folks on
this list who could prepare copy, and a separate listserve could easily be
established for an editorial board.  What would it cost us?  Ten bucks
apiece every month to start?  Name it "Spark" if it makes you warm and
fuzzy.  I'm down.

Sincerely yours,

Shameless Organizer

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