Argentina update: Free fall for Duhalde's "Peronism", rebel CGT breaks away

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Dear friends and cdes.,

Since my former e-mail provider closed my account somehow
unexpectedly, I have had to change my address, and resub to the
different lists.

I think that what follows has not been distributed, and perhaps you
may find it interesting. Excuse me for any duplications. I have
edited the original text with some additional and later info [between
square brackets].

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A few lines.

A week ago the Argentinean Parliament, seemingly under the inchoate
pressure of
the multitude (let us quote Negri when it is worth it), and fearing a
fire which would burn down to ashes even the personal homes of the
Senators and
Deputies, voted against a particular law by Remes Lenicov, the most
openly pro-
IMF Minister of Economy that could be obtained after December

[The above was a _fraction_ of the truth, though an important one.
The other parcels worth considering are Duhalde's brutish demeanour
vis a vis the Parliament (in fact, he issued an ultimatum against the
very body which put him in charge), some defensive reflexes of
progressive Peronist deputies -such as Díaz Bancalari- and, most
important from what could be seen afterwards, the direct pressure of
the pro-IMF governors of the large and heavyweight provinces of
Córdoba and Santa Fe, who easily dragged Governor Solá of the
definitory Province of Buenos Aires behind them].

Remes was thus forced to resign, and Duhalde was forced to pay
attention to the
Parliament when ruling. We were facing a new political crisis, and
his own
Presidency was at stake.

Eduardo Duhalde responded to the crisis by returning to the uses of
during the 1830s (and recognizing the actual situation to which the
of the national state has brought us): he summoned a meeting of the
of the provinces who were ready to enter talks with the central
government (he
even sent some military plane to fetch a couple of governors who -
most probably
not lying- argued that their provinces were so starved of funds that
they could
not pay for their own trips to Buenos Aires).

The meeting lasted three days or so, and although Duhalde attempted
(or is said
to have attempted) some kind of mild resistence against the brutal
of the IMF, the final result was a completely pro-IMF package. A
of the laws of "economic subversion" -which would take, such as it is
now, most
bankers to jail-, of bankrupcies -in order to make it easier for the
banks to
grab companies who have failed-, further reduction of the State
structures, and
a complete stop to the "dripping away" of the "playpen" funds -which
will make
sure that it is the Argentinean middle classes who pay for the
known as neoliberal economic policy.

It will probably not be known whether Duhalde actually resisted these
or not. If one takes into account the broad face of happiness of the
Ambassador after the meeting agreed on all these sinister points,
then one
might arrive at the conclusion that he actually did attempt some

[Actually, the intervention existed, it was timely, and had
tremendous effect. It came through a telephone call with the Córdoba
governor J. M. de la Sota. I do not know if the call was made _by_ de
la Sota or he received it during the meeting. But the message, which
seems to have arrived _exactly at the moment when Duhalde was
exposing his interest in an independent (that is, from IMF) plan for
Argentina_, turned things black and white: "If you follow such a
course, don't expect to have anything to do with Washington any
more", or words to that effect. This anecdote portrays the degree of
rotten demoralization of the Argentinean traditional leadership]

But it is not essential.

The fact is that the most openly pro-USA governors (particularly De
La Sota,
the one who Rodríguez Saá blamed personally for the Coup of State
overthrew him early in January) explained Duhalde that if Argentina
did not
"reinsert herself in the international community", our destiny was to
Albania. And the idiot -or criminal, or whatever- caved in! No
offence intended
towards Albania, but the sheer comparison is stupid. What we have
here is the
phenomenon of "pedagogic colonization" at work.

In the meantime, about 65% or 70% of our population is against
anything that
the points of agreement imply. These figures are the fraction that
every survey
shows as willing to break up with the IMF forever.

So that we will have ever stronger confrontations ahead. Of course,
with such a
flimsy minded man as Duhalde at the top, one never knows what new
alleys this tragedy will move along.

In the meantime, I am sorry I can't give more info to the friends,
but I am
very busy organizing some two or three confrontational fronts. We
have achieved
some successes, and we expect to be quite impressive during the first
mobilisation summoned by the rebel CGT of Moyano. In fact, the "left"
wing of
Moyano's constituency is openly airing points of view that any
revolutionary would support. Things are a-changing. [2]


[1] [The law intended to finish the "playpen" issue -private deposits
in dollars captured by the banking system- by imposing a forcible
conversion of all the assets against the banks into State bonds
--quite a joke, since the financial rogues who benefitted from the
deposits and flew them away from Argentina, as well as their
creditors, know that the Argentinean State is bankrupt!]

[2] [Juan Carlos Schmid, who some of you may have known, spearheaded
a move within the rebel CGT which brought the unions central to break
away from Duhalde. Even Moyano, who was harboring some hopes in
Duhalde, appeared on TV yesterday and the day before announcing that
after the "14 point" agreement there was no coincidence with the
government at all, summoned a Congress of the CGT for May 3rd, and
called for a strike with
mobilisation for May 9th (ad referendum of the Congress, of course).
is new with this Congress is that it will be a NEW KIND of CGT
where not only unionists, but also political and social rebel leaders
speak. Your friend N.G., and my cdes., have had something to do with
result. And those who wanted to know what were the inner movements
within the rebel CGT during J. C. Schmid's visit to NYC may begin to
have a
glimpse of them through this piece of news].

Keep tuned.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at


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