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Sun Apr 28 06:38:12 MDT 2002

You may be interested to know that Ernest Mandel wrote an article on the
subject, unfortunately in Dutch (quite a bit of his more interesting stuff
isn't in English). The ref. is:

"De opkomende 'vierde stand' in de burgelijke omwentelingen van de
Zuidelijke Nederlanden  (1565-85, 1789-1794, 1830)" ["The rising "fourth
estate" in the bourgeois overturns of the Southern Netherlands (1565-85,
1789-1794, 1830)]. In: Arbeid in Veelvoud. Een Huldeboek voor Jan
Craeybeckx en Etienne Scholliers. Brussels: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Press, 1988, pp. 172-181.

In that article he highlights the role played by proletarian/plebian masses
in those overturns and tries to prove a "permanentist dynamic" already
existed back then, prefiguring, as it were, the revolutionary upsurges that
were to follow.


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