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To Labor History scholars in the New York City area -  Chris Marker's
masterpiece A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT is premiering Wednesday, May 1st at
Film Forum in New York City (and screening in other cities in the
coming months).

"This film is a mirror held up to each of us, a mirror that wanders
through all the paths that we have taken or crossed (Vietnam war
protests, pro-Latin America movement, May of '68, the rise and fall
of the Left) and encourages us to reflect along with it about the
journey and its goal." - Regis Debray, Rouge, December 28, (1977)

A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT (its French title is just as charmingly
seductive, LE FOND DE L'AIR EST ROUGE) is Marker's magnum opus: a
3-hour overview of the success and failure of the left during the
1960s and 70s.  Marker interweaves stunning amount and diversity of
footage into A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT, from May '68 in Paris, to the
Vietnam War and the anti-war protests, the Soviet invasion of
Czechoslovakia, Che Guevara and Regis Debray in Bolivia, the Shah of
Iran, Fidel Castro, et alia.

Marker ("The still little-known genius of documentary" - David
Thomson, NY Times Book Review) is a modern legend: an elusive French
filmmaker with an American sounding name who has rarely been seen or
interviewed, but whose films are among the most influential
philosophical and political meditations to be committed to celluloid.

"Marker doesn't boast that he has succeeded in making a dialectical
film.  But he has tried (having in his time, he says, abused the
exercise of power by the commentator-director) for once to give back
to the viewer, through montage, his own commentary; which is to say,
his own power." - Richard Roud, Sight and Sound (1977)

" [5 Stars].  One of the most towering and extraordinary films to
grace the screen! Staggering in its depth and scope.... A monumental
political elegy to a not-so-distant era. An event of major
importance." - Film Threat (2002)

For more information about the film see:

A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT will have a 2-week engagement, May 1-14, at Film
Forum ( 209 West Houston Street, with screenings
daily at 1:00, 4:30 and 8:00.

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