Nazification of Israel

Wally williams at
Sun Apr 28 19:30:01 MDT 2002

It is often useful to note the perspective of folks in other parts of the
globe on a topic that is generally presented in one's homeland from
a strongly "establishment" viewpoint - or to put it another way, to
see a foreign assessment of the "purely altruistic" actions of one's
homeland government. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one such
issue, one in which the US and Israel (with the enthusiastic
support of only Britain's Tony "Suckass" Blair) stand insolently and
intransigently against world opinion. The following link

will take you to an article from India's national magazine,
"Frontline," and an essay that may illuminate the issue - especially
if your principal source of news on the topic originates in the US.


The first casualty when war comes is truth.
-Hiram Johnson, 1917

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