Israeli academics back refuseniks

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Sun Apr 28 22:10:49 MDT 2002

This from Moshe Machover, via Ted Crawford:

 I have just received the following from Professor Emmanuel Farjoun of the
Dept. of Maths, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
 I am told that a similar (but somewhat more militant) text is circulating
among faculty of Tel-Aviv university, and has been signed by about 60
members of  staff.
 I will send you the TA text if and when I get hold of it.

 this is a preliminary list and translation of the declaration of  support
for the  refusiniks..



We, members of the faculty of the Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, wish to
express our respect and support  for those of our  students who are
refusing to serve as soldiers in the occupied territories.  Such service too
often involves carrying out orders that are inconsistent  with the values
of a democratic society founded on the sanctity and equality  of human life.

For thirty five years an entire people, some three and a  half million in
number, have been held without basic human rights.  The  occupation and the
rule over another people have brought the State of Israel  to where it is
today.  Terrorist acts by occupied people must not be  fought with state

The present war is not being fought for  our home but for the settlements
beyond the green line and for the continued  oppression of another people.

We hereby express our readiness to do  everything in our power to help
students who, as a result of refusal to serve  in the territories, will
encounter difficulties in their studies or hardships  ofan administrative or
economic nature. We call on the University community  at large to  support

       On  behalf of the faculty members supporting this initiative:

1. Idan  Segev, Center for Neural Computation
2. Shalom Baer,  Chemistry
 3. Victoria Buch, Chemistry
 4. Amiram  Goldblum, Chemistry
 5. Amiel Vardi, Classics
 6. Ilana Pardes, Comparative Literature
 7. Michel Birkovi, Computer Sciences
 8. Orna Kupferman, Computer Sciences
 9. Nati Linial,  Computer Sciences
 10. Shmuel Peleg, Computer  Sciences
 11. Yuri Pines, East Asian Studies
 12. Gideon  Shelach, East Asian Studies
 13. Michael Keren,  Economics
 14. Motty Perry, Economics
 15. Morris  Teubal, Economics
 16. Menachem Yaari, Economics
 17.  Ruth Butler, Education
 18. Ilana Ritov, Education
 19.  Louise Bethlehem, English
 20. Elizabeth Freund,  English
 21. John Landau, English
 22. Moshe Ron,  English
 23. Nita Shochat, English
 24. Raphael Falk,  Genetics
 25. Amotz Agnon, Geology
  26. Yehouda Enzel, Geology
 27. Hanan Hever, Hebrew Literature
 28. Ariel  Hirschfeld, Hebrew Literature
 29. Moshe Zimmerman,  History
 30. David Shulman, Indian Studies
 31. Sidra  DeKoven Ezrahi, Contemporary Jewry
 32. Galit Hasan-Rokem, Jewish  Studies
 33. Paul Mendes-Flohr, Jewish Thought
 34.  Dafna Golan, Law
 35. Alon Harel, Law
 36. Ronenn  Kadmon, Life Sciences
 37. Ui Motro, Life Sciences
 38.  Dudi Tzfati, Life Sciences
 39. Matania Ben-Artzi,  Mathematics
 40. Emanuel Farjoun, Mathematics
 41. Ehud  Friedgut, Mathematics
 42. Udi Hrushovski,  Mathematics
 43. Raz Kupferman, Mathematics
 44. Tzvi  Bentwich, Medicine
 45. Nina Mayorek, Medicine
 46.  Yosef  Widenfeld, Medicine
 47. Ruth HaCohen,  Musicology
 48. Itamar Pitowsky, Philosophy
 49. Avital  Volman, Philosophy
 50. Menaham Brinker, Philosophy and Hebrew  Literature
 51. Avraham Gal, Physics
 52. Zach Adam,  Plant Science, Rehovot
 53. Nava Moran, Plant Science,  Rehovot
 54. Avner De-Shalit, Political Science
 55.  Zeev Sternhell, Political Science
 56. Gershon Ben-Shahar,  Psychology
 57. Reuma Falk, Psychology
 58. Benny  Shanon, Psychology
 59.  Charles Greenbaum,  Psychology
 60. Anat Ninio, Psychology
 61. Yonata Levi.  Psychology and Medicine
 62. Shlomo Bentin, Psychology and Center of  Neural Computation
 63. Michal Frenkel, Sociology
 64.  Julia Resnik, Sociology and Anthropology
 65. Zeev Rosenhek,  Sociology and Anthropology
 66. Don Handelman, Sociology and  Anthropology
 67. Vered Vinitzky, Sociology and  Criminology
 68. Yaacov Ritov, Statistics
 69. Gad  Nathan, Statistics

Students are invited to contact any of the above signatories.  Faculty
members who wish to join us can write to  motty at

To contribute to the fund for economic support for  students who are serving
prison sentences as a result of their refusal to  serve in the territories,
contact Sidra Ezrahi:  sidra_dekoven_ezrahi at

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