Anti-Semitic prophesy

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Apr 29 00:39:33 MDT 2002

Why isn't anybody going buzzerk over the Israeli gov't
blocking the UN investigation of the Jenin refugee camp?
I am flabbergasted at the ho-hum of the media.
Instead we are treated to hype against Saddam.
What has he done lately?
Had an evil birthday?
What's the hold-up with the Israelis?
First they said they have nothing to hide
and that they were willing for an investigation
but they've been stalling all along,
just like they've been stalling about getting
out of the West Bank "without delay" for
--what --the past few weeks?
Blatant bullshit.
Tonight on ABC-News an Israeli official said
that the UN was against the Jews.
Therefore, Israel could ignore world opinion
and do what they saw fit.
Man-oh, man, that can that hubris boomerang.

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