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Displaced people

A man of science, a Holocaust historian and a great Torah scholar discuss
transfer, morality, the Holocaust and Jenin.

By Yossi Klein

The transfer is already here. It is not the transfer that Benny Begin
described with horror as "Jewish soldiers breaking into hundreds of homes
and forcibly removing Arab families, dragging men and women and taking
infants out of the cradles, and sending them on their way with their
belongings." Jewish soldiers, as we know, will not break in, will not drag
people and will not carry infants out in their hands. Jewish soldiers, to
rely on the fragmentary reports from Jenin, level houses with bulldozers and
crush vehicles with tanks - not least so that the refugees from Jenin will
not want to return to the city. Or, so that if they do want to, they will
have no place to go back to.

This form of population transfer dovetails well with the current bloody
round of actions. No longer are we engaged in a boxing match with rules and
a referee. What we have now is pummeling in the school corridor, with
pinching and spitting and biting and fingers in the eyes. The present
transfer is a wild brawl. It has no tactical goals, though it has one
strategic aim: to make life unbearable, to instill fright and induce flight.
Hundreds of dead from human bombs on buses will do the job - and so will
toppling houses with their residents inside in refugee camps.

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