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> Christine Dann was/is a socialist-feminist of long standing.  She became a
> leader of the Greens.  She wrote a history of the feminist movement in NZ,
> but her most recent books have been about gardening and nature walks.  She
> lives just over the hills from Christchurch.
> Phil

Thank you for letting me know what she has and has not been doing. I would
like to know more about the movement in NZ.  Christine painted a much larger
left movmement than what you recently described.  I would like to know more
about what you views are on advancing the Marxist movement within NZ.  Such
demographics as the number of parties, organizations, and movement
activities. I know you mentioned the Barnes clique, however what are the
Greens up to.

Many Marxist in the U.S. have recently joined the Greens and are running for
office such as Stanley Arronowitz and Peter Camejo.  Arronowitz is running
for Governor for NY and Camejo is running for the same office in California.
So I am not surprised Christine went over to the Greens.

I am not surprised about her nature and gardening books because when she
visited Carol Hanisch and I in the 1978 we were very active politically and
had a large organic garden and took walks in the Catskills together.

I myself have found Green politics more confused and in total crisis. Going
from the problems of Marxist movement over to the Greens is not a sign of
health. It is truly walking away from the realities of the hard work of
creating a revolutionary labor movement.

Anything you would like to share or discuss about NZ and your work there I
would certainly be willing to share some of my ideas on how to make things

The fact you are on this list says a lot and its a credit to you ongoing
interest and commitment to a Socialist NZ.


Tom Siblo

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