Christine Dann a socialist-feminist ?

Jurriaan Bendien j.bendien at
Mon Apr 29 06:14:54 MDT 2002

I lived with Christine Dann for half a year around 1990, in Diamond Harbour
near Lyttleton. I remember her as a very positive, intelligent, vibrant
person but I never had the impression she was a "socialist-feminist" as
Philip suggests. In fact she took a dim view of my preoccupation with Marx
and of my socialist group, considering Green theory far superior. She
called herself a "Green feminist" at the time and tried to get me
interested in Green economics. It is true however that she previously
worked several years for the clerical workers union, and had considerable
personal experience of the socialist Left. So she was at least sympathetic
to the socialist idea, even though she felt it was superseded by the Green

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