Palestine march in Christchurch, NZ

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 "I find it vaguely alarming that the kind of crowds we can organise in
Toowoomba are larger than those in Christchurch, which has four times the
 population.  Toowoomba is notoriously conservative, and we don't have any
 particularly energetic or skillful organisers.  Something is clearly wrong
 in Christchurch."

" Of course, we do have some assets in Toowoomba.  The first is that the
 media is chronically short of actual news!  This means that the left can
 actually get good coverage.  In addition, we have a bunch of overlapping
 social cliques that provide us with a steady source of "usual suspects",
 which means that we can guarantee a minimum size crowd on fairly short
 notice.  Our real problem is actually breaking out past these cliques,
 requires exactly the kind of serious organisation we don't have..."

Dear Alan:

Part of the problems our movement faces anywhere in the world is the
fundamental understanding of what we are organizing and with whom. If the
goal is to build a mass revolutionary party in NZ then obviously there is a
need to draw a balance sheet of what exists now and then we need to help
develop a program to reach the stated goal.
There must first be the material conditions to begin such work, otherwise
the best we can do is educate as many working people in the area about
Marxism in hopes the conditions will change.

NZ needs our attention and it must be constructive and helpful and this is
why I asked for more information from Philip. I believe his idea of taking
the cause of the Palestinians to a larger group then the NZ left and to this
requires some real hard work and a knowledge of the struggles being carried
on there.

So let's see what both of you can come up with on how to advance the Marxist
movement within NZ. I am certainly willing to listen and to engage in
constructive discussion. However, such discussion can only be within the
contest of perhap doing some real work in NZ.


Tom SIblo

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