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Subject: ISM marches to Nativity Church


April 28 2002:At 17:00A group of 20 internationals from the ISM
forced their way through barbed wire and fencing to gain access to
Manger Square and proceeded to the Church of the Nativity. Their aim
was to deliver food, water and medicine to those trapped inside the
As they walked in to the square a smoke bomb was let of by the
entrance in an attempt to block the view of journalists.

As the group marched across the square some with hands in the air,
others displaying banners proclaiming support for the Palestinian
people and demanding an end to occupation, a tank was mobilized and
tropps rushed at them. They managed to get to the door of the church
and sat in front of it, hoping that they could pass the aid through.

The soldiers rushed them, kicked away the foodstuffs and
pulled,dragged and marched the peaceful protesters away.

They were then held, told to remain together and wait foramilitary
escort.. As the ISM refuses to obey demands made by the
Israelioccupation forces they continued to walk,in group formation,
away from the area, circumnavigating soldiers who tried to prevent
them. None of the group were arrested.

see also: "Seattle IMC Volunteer among activists at the Church of Nativity"
at www.seattle.indymedia.org, and:

photos of the action:

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