Louis on the Failure of the Left

Jim Drysdale jimd48 at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 13 00:38:00 MDT 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,

Gary writes...

snip> This is the absolute crux of the matter.  Capital is in no mood to
even the suggestion of an alternative.  It must wage total war and work for
total victory.

JD: The process of self-expanding value, self-expanding money ie. capital,
has never recognised
any alternative and has always, of necessity, been at total war with labour.
No doubt that the process that leads to successful revolution will continue
to be bloody but, it would be a mistake to see our rulers as omnipotent.
Decline undermines them, they cannot rule as before.
They are confused and fear-ridden.....their collective *in itself and for
itself* memory harking back to the beginning (and before) of the 20th



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