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>From Green Left Weekly, May 1, 2002.

ITALY: Communist Party debates way forward

[At its fifth congress, held April 4-7, Italy's 90,000-member Party of
Communist Refoundation (PRC) endorsed a radical left turn. This is the
second part of two articles on the congress. The first part appeared in last
week's Green Left Weekly.]

RIMINI - In his opening speech to the congress, PRC national secretary
Fausto Bertinotti criticised the position of the party's main minority
current for "an ideological fixity that would essentially alienate us from
the events and even from the big contest that is taking place".

Minority leader Franco Grisolia replied that the choice before the delegates
was not between an "outward-looking and concrete line and those locked into
ideological and sectarian fixity, but between a leadership group that puts
forward a reformist position and looks to the movement for a line of
retreat.and those who put forward a line based on winning the masses in
order to develop a revolutionary perspective".

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