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Mon Apr 29 20:02:59 MDT 2002

The Navajo Nation is -- to couch something of great complexity in trenchant
terms --  another country and another world with very distinctive roots
whose continual and vital life are far, far more ancient than anything in
Europe!   [And this is, of course, true of any tribal nation.]  Unless
you're willing to spend a good deal of objective time in the vast Navajo
country, I don't think you would ever be able to even slightly understand
this matter of witchcraft -- and, in any case, I don't think you have the
slightest moral or other justification to attempt to make any kind of value
judgment in  this or any kind of Native American socio-cultural setting.
That's the prerogative of the Native people involved -- and no one else.

A note just received from my oldest son recalls that summer night in July,
1980 that we were visited -- and were quite prepared to exercise our very
much Navajo-approved self-defense rights. He writes:  "I remember that night
. . .I have a hard time explaining skinwalkers etc to anyone who hasn't been
in that setting, period. "  [John Salter III]

Navajo witchery is the essence of predatory criminality.  No law enforcement
agency of any kind intrudes into the matter of traditional Navajo
self-defense when this extremely ancient and malignant evil threatens one's
very health and life.

Yours -
Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]

Stuart Lawrence writes:

"Profound deviance in a society, resulting in the dehumanizing of the
deviant and the
acceptance of their being murdered, is something we should never discuss
publicly? I have at least one ancestor of my own who was put to death for
witchcraft, but one doesn't have to reach back into history to see the
pattern repeated. The last thing I want is for this
sort of social construct to be put beyond inquiry or challenge."

Hunter Gray  [ Hunterbear ]  ( social justice )
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