The Trotskyist search for "talent" and "political genius"

Jurriaan Bendien j.bendien at
Tue Apr 30 05:54:24 MDT 2002

Carlos wrote "Think about the other possibility: maybe if he [i.e. Castro]
did link with
the IV International when a law student, Trotskyists would have had a
potential leader of a victorious revolution".

One of the ugliest features of the Trotskyist tradition in my view is the
continual search for "talent" and "political genius". This habit seems to
have developed when the Trotskyists were marginalised and not
intellectually respectable, and it has carried on.

In reality, hard work and application to the task accomplish much more than
so-called "talent" and "genius", which is largely a middle-class fiction
anyway. As if Castro did not owe his achievement to practical experience
and sheer hard work, but to his genes !


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