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Tue Apr 30 06:32:58 MDT 2002

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Dear Philip:

I think it is a first step towards a serious regroupment if  "the small
circle of people around 'revolution" are involved in Middle East Solidarity
work because there is revolution right now that needs all of our support
than the Palestinaians and the masses of Arab workers who are a lot more
radical and progressive then their own ruling class leaders.  The entire
Arab summit was developed as window dressing for not only the U.S. and
Israel bu the broad masses of Arab working people who view the current
situation in Palestine as entirely outrageous.

The Anti-capitalist alliance sounds like a another good start of brining
together the new developing Marxist leadership needed to truly begin to
challenge the current ruling class in NZ and its allies in Washington and
Great Britain. The differences between all three different currents are
significant but each reflect the development of the revolutionary process in
different directions and programs.  Much of it becomes discussing how many
Angels reside on the head of a pin.  What is more imp[ortant is the actaul
class struggle in NZ and what needs to be done to build the Alliance and
link up with the masses of working people by proposing a progressive
directed alternative to the capitalist system.

The road taken by many of the people from the mass movements of the 60s, 70s
, 80s and 90s is the problem of giving up the class struggle and adapting
what I consider a liquidationist perseptive within the Green movement.

The Green movement is not a truly anti-capitalist party and anyone who says
it is are seriously mistaken.  The Green party is very much a reform party
designed to deal with a broad range of different political views on how to
best save capitalism from its self. The truth is capitalism will never ever
provide a solution to the enviornmental crisis, lack of decent medical care
for working people, rights of labor, native peoples, women, gays. etc. It is
at its best a reformist formation and offers no real solution to labor.

In the U.S. Stanley Aronowitz and former SWPer Peter Camejo are running in
different states on the Green Party for Governor. Each are well known
socialist leaders who are trying to provide a diffeent kind of political
leadership to the Green Party yet their program is not consistent with
advancing the independent organization of working people in a class
direction. A n independent workers movement that is not stuck in the reform
movement or for that matter the labor party which is to the right of
Instead we need to advance the independent organization of working people
under demands which lead to a socialist alternative. A program which places
real transitional plans into place and advance the interests of the working

My approach is I will vote for an independent Marxist candidate for Governor
from any of the existing parties.  In the U.S. there are so many to choose

I am inpired by your activties and applaud your Alliance work and the more
you hammer out a common program and advance it publicly offers the real
opportunity of developing as leading solution for the working people of NZ.


Tom SIblo

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