Palestine march in Christchurch, NZ and the International Defense of Detainees

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Tue Apr 30 06:33:39 MDT 2002

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Dear Alan:

I think it is worthwhile discussing the situation in Australia and how
things are going on there and what kund of impact the War on Terrorism is
having on the working people of Austrialia. What kind of impact has the
Bush, Sharon attacks on the Palestinians on the struggle as well. I just
posted a Statement from the Workers Democracy Network on the Detainees and
it has an interesting perspective of putting pressure on the U.S. governemnt
both within the U.S. and outside.

In the 1970s I worked very hard on freeing all different kinds of political
prisoners all over the world. One of the most important and evetually
successful campaigns was on behalf of Hugo Blanco.  He eventually won his
freedom.  This is true with so many campiagns that existed long before
Amensty International. AI is important but what many of us have forgotten is
how important this kind of work develops working people's consciousness in
terms of international class solidarity.

So I encourage your input and suggestions and offer this as concrete work
you can actually do within your country and other comrades internationally.
Anything I can do to provide assistance and support in such efforts please
let me know.


Tom Siblo

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