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Subject:    	Economics as religion and the Argentinean High Church of Shylock
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Sabri and Louis have contributed two postings which shoulder each other.

Yes, there is a struggle between Duhalde/Remes, on one side, and the
Parliament, on the other. Unfortunately, I don't see that struggle to look
much like the struggle between FDR and the mostly conservative Congress in
the USA, 1934.

In fact, the pressure that the Executive has put on the Congress is the
expression of the IMF than that of the search of a workable Argentinean
outcome of the capitalist collapse.

Congressmen, even the lousy and corrupt Congressmen of these dark days, are
reluctant to adopt decissions which will make them still more unpopular.
The idea is that the middle classes will have to pay (by turning their
deposits in dollars into bonds that will be sold at 25% of their nominal
value, it has been computed), for the theft that Argentina has been subject
to during the last 10 years. So that this pressure has little to do with
the pressure of FDR. It has a lot to do, however, with the pressure of the

These divagations around the "material" quality of speculation are
perfectly fit with the conception of economics as a religion. In fact,
vulgar economics has all the value of religion in today's world. Not
because "capitalism has won", but because it offers the fetishized version
of the conditions of existence of the bourgeoisie, and works as an
ideological cover up for its very earthly interests.

BTW, u$s 35.00 is absolutely prohibitive for me now, after the devaluation
(it amounts at roughly 10% of my monthly income). Can anyone tell me if
there is a soft cover edition of the book? I have a feeling that it will be
very useful down here.

Hugs to all, from the Hell of the new religion...

Louis Proyect
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