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Tue Apr 30 08:18:06 MDT 2002

God, how you suffer, Lou. But surely the world proletariat will give you the
praise you deserve, some day.

The problem with your approach, Lou, in case you haven't noticed it - what
with the press of all your really important labours - is that when you
slough off perceived criticisms and pout and insult in the way you often do,
you simply move the substantive discussion off-list.

In the last few hours, I have had interesting messages off-list on this
topic from an Argentine, a Nicaraguan and a Toronto list subscriber you have
described as an "organic intellectual".

The Nicaraguan, who has been following the discussion from Managua, said (in

"...two points do strike me as important in any discussion of this kind.

"First of all, we as internationalists have an obligation to study what
Argentines have had to say about this experience, and more broadly Latin
Americans (and especially those who fight in the tradition of Che).You have
the merit of doing this, I'm not so sure about Louis in this regard.

"Second, this is above all important IN ARGENTINA TODAY, where the working
class has yet to throw off the chains of the Peronist bureacracy. The
lessons of Peronism are less relevant for what is happening in Venezuela,
although much can be gained through comparing and contrasting these

Lots of other interesting stuff, too. Too bad you (and other list
subscribers) won't get to see it. Anyway, I will keep posting to the list
unless and until you unsubscribe me; those interested in a discussion can
participate; and those who, like you, are not interested can simply press
the delete key.

Thanks for the Cochran article. I'll read it at my leisure. But I agree with
our Nicaraguan friend: we need above all to look at what the Argentines say
on these issues, and not just rely on what we can glean from a few books in
the Columbia University library and a quick search of the Internet.


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